4                    First Day of Classes
   23-26               Bring a Friend to Class Week (Does not include Starz Team classes)
 11-13                 Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Fort Days
 24-30                 Fall Celebration Classes
 30                      Decline Recital Form Due
 31                      Studio Closed (No Classes)
   1                      Recital Agreement and 1st Recital Costume Deposit Due
  4-7                    Recital Costume Measurement Week   
  18-21                Crazy Hair Week
  27-30                Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Thanksgiving Break
  2                       2nd Recital Costume Deposit Due
9-14                    Parent Observation Week- Progress Reports
16-21                  PJ & Holiday Party Week
22-31                  Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Winter Break
1-2                      Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Winter Break
  3                       Classes Resume
 20                      Recital Costume Balance Due
27-31                  Crazy Sock/Video Week
  1                       Crazy Sock/Video Routines Week
10-13                  Share Your Love of Dance Week(not including Starz Team)
14-16                   Possible Studio Closed- Optional Competition
18-19                  Studio Closed (No Classes)- Possible Snow Makeup Days
24-29                  Video Routines Week
16-19                  BDS Spirit Week
20-22                  Studio Closed- Starz Team at Competition
23-27                  Video Routines Week
  31                     Last day for students not participating in recital (may be adjusted due to snow days)
3-5                     Studio Closed- Starz Team at Competition
6-9                     Studio Closed (No Classes)- Possible Snow Makeup Days
10-12                 Studio Closed (No Classes)- Easter Break
13-18                 Easter Eggstravaganza Week (may be adjusted due to snow day)
20-23                 No Regular Classes – Recital Pictures
1                        May & June Tuition Due
16                      Recital Tickets on sale to Recital Families
18-23                 Parent Observation Week- Progress Reports-Video Routines Week
25                     Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Memorial Day
1-4                    Tutu Week
 13                    Last day of Classes at the Studio
15-17                 Mandatory Blocking rehearsals
 18                    Mandatory Dress Rehearsals
 20                    “Art in Motion” Recital Ligonier Town Hall
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