We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater, pom pom, voice,
creative movement, acro, tumbling and drama.  For all ages and all levels.  You can be a novice or
an expert, everyone is welcome at our studio.  We care about all our students and encourage
everyone to do their best!
Email:  bridgetdawnsstudio@hotmail.com
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Studio Info
2016-2017 Calendar (Tentative Dates)
September     6                First Day of Classes
                    26-29         Bring a Friend to Class Week (Does not include Starz Team

October         14-16         Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Fort Days
                    25-31         Fall Celebration Classes
                    27               Decline Recital Form Due

November      1                Recital Agreement and 1st Recital Costume Deposit Due
                    10-15         Studio Closed (No Classes)
                    16-22         Costume Measurement Week
                    24-27         Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Thanksgiving Break
                    28-30         All classes crazy hair bun week

December     1                2nd Recital Costume Deposit Due
                    1-3             All classes crazy hair bun week
                    12-17         Parent Observation Week- Progress Reports
                    18               Bethlen Home Holiday Performance                
                    19-23          PJ & Holiday Party Week
                    24-31          Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Winter Break

January         1                Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Winter Break
                    2                Classes resume
                    16               Recital Costume Balance Due
                     23-28         Crazy Sock Week
                    30 & 31       Video Routines Week

February          1-4              Video Routines Week
                     8-14            Share Your Love of Dance Week
                     21               Studio Closed - (No Classes) ~ Possible Snow Make-up Day
                     27 & 28       Video Routines Week

March               1-4               Video Routines Week
                    8-14              Leaping Leprechaun Week
                    24-26            Studio Closed-Starz Team at Competition
                    27 - 28          Video Routines Week
                    30                 Last day for students not participating in recital

April              5-11              Easter eggstravaganza Week (may be adjusted due to snow
                    12 & 13         Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Possible Snow Make-up Days
                    14-16            Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Easter Break
                    18-24            Video Routines Week
                    25-27            No Regular Classes – Recital Pictures   
May               1                    May & June Tuition Due
                    1-5                BDS Spirit Week
                    5-7                Studio Closed-Starz Team at Competition
                    13                 Recital Tickets on sale to Recital Families
                    15-20            Parent Observation Week- Progress Reports-Video Routines
                    29                Studio Closed (No Classes) ~ Memorial Day

June              5-8               Tutu Week
                    10                Last day of Classes at the Studio
                    12-14            Mandatory Blocking rehearsals
                    15                Mandatory Dress Rehearsals
                    17                “Leaping through Literature” Recital Ligonier Town Hall
December 1 $30.00 competition fee deposit per dance due

December 23        Mandatory Team Party at Studio Games, Crafts, Gifts, Snacks,
Lots of Fun!! Time: 4:30-7:30 PM

January & February  Extra team classes will be held to prepare to competition
season (let us know by December 16th any dates in January and February that
could conflict with these extra rehearsals)

February 25 & 26  Mandatory Prop Weekend for Co-captains

March 3  Mandatory Mock Competition at Studio approx. 7:30-10:30 PM Just for
Dancers (Will need 3 volunteers to help younger members change) Our Male team
members can be picked up at 11:00 PM, Sleepover, Mandatory for all female
students.  Pick-up is between 8:00-8:15 AM on March 4        
March 11  Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for at least one parent and Students at
Studio Time: AfternoonTBA Parents will be responsible to get their child ready and
changed.   (No more than 2 viewers per family)

March 18   Mandatory Performance at Ligonier Gardens Time: TBA

March 17-23 Mandatory Regular Rehearsals before Competition

March 24-26  Mandatory Encore Dance Competition, Johnstown, PA

April 25-27  Mandatory Team Photo and Class Photos

April 28-May 4  Mandatory Regular Rehearsals before Competition

May 5-7   Mandatory Showstoppers Competition, Lancaster, PA

June 17  Mandatory Recital – both performances

June 19-23  Mandatory Nationals– Sandusky, Ohio Showstoppers
2016 - 2017 Starz Team Calendar (Tentative Dates)