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                 2017-2018 Starz Team Tentative Schedule

August 3 $25.00 costume deposit per dance due & and must be registered in classes and paid registration fee/September Tuition

September 7         $25.00 costume deposit per dance due

October 5        $25.00 costume deposit per dance due

November 2 $30.00 competition fee deposit per dance due

December 7 $30.00 competition fee deposit per dance due

December 22        Mandatory Team Party at Studio Games, Crafts, Gifts, Snacks, Lots of Fun!! Time: Afternoon TBA

January & February  Extra team classes will be held to prepare to competition season (let us know by December 16th any dates in January and February
that could conflict with these extra rehearsals)

February 24 & 25  Mandatory Prop Weekend for Co-captains

March 2  Mandatory Mock Competition at Studio approx. 7:30-10:30 PM Just for Dancers (Will need 3 volunteers to help younger members change)
Sleepover, Mandatory for all female students.  Pick-up is between 8:00-8:15 AM on March 3        
March 10 Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for at least one parent and Students at Studio Time: AfternoonTBA Parents will be responsible to get their child ready
and changed.   (No more than 2 viewers per family)

March 18   Mandatory Performance at Nursing Home Time and Place TBA

March 16-22 Mandatory Regular Rehearsals before Competition

March 23-25  Mandatory Encore Dance Competition, Johnstown, PA

April 17-19  Mandatory Team Photo and Class Photos

April 20-26  Mandatory Regular Rehearsals before Competition

April 27-29   Mandatory Showstoppers Competition, Lancaster, PA (If you wish to stay in the hotel with the venue these rooms do sell out quickly.)

June 16  Mandatory Recital – both performances