"Taking dance at Bridget Dawn's Studio has helped me in many ways.  
My flexibility has greatly improved and my legs are now very strong.  
Dancing at competition or recitals have improved my confidence too.  
Dancing at Bridgets has allowed me to truly express myself in a for that I
have an everlasting passion for."  Mckenna - Student (2011)
Studio Info
"Bailey is always "at the studio".  This means so many
different things.  She is with her friends.  She is with her team.
She is with Bridget.  She is at her 2nd home where she feels
loved, safe and supported. Bridget has created a loving,
tight-knit group at BDS.  We are blessed to be a part of BDS."
Jeena - Mom (2017)
"Ella has become enthralled with dance
and is looking forward to trying something
new this year." Faith - Mom (2017)
"Anna's confidence has grown
immensely.  Having student teachers in
her classes gives her someone to look
up to and emulate.  Her desire to try
new dances has been fostered
through this "sisterhood" of dancing."
Faith - Mom (2017)
"I really love to do dance.  Miss Bridget and
my other teachers are great.  I love how
much they teach us."  Alyssa - Student (2017)
"Bridget is like a second mother to my girls.  She
always has their best interest in mind. I trust her
as I would trust my family.  No one knows a
family like BDS dance family! Lisa - Mom (2017)
"I always feel safe when Sydney is "at the studio".  I know
she is somewhere where she feels safe, confident and
loved.  The studio has become her home away from home
and I always feel better knowing she is there with friends who
have become her family." Lisa - Mom (2017)
"I always look forward to coming to
dance, and always have a good time."
Sarah - Student (2016)
" Alyssa loves being on team and has totally
blossomed this year!  She says she never wants
to quit dance - I think she has found her
passion.  Thank you!" Bekki - Mom (2015)
" In her few months at Bridget Dawn's,
I've seen my daughter grow in
confidence and develop a love for
dance.  This love comes from a
positive environment where she is
encouraged to learn and have fun."  
Krista - Mom (2016)
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"I love dancing at Bridget Dawn's because
Miss Bridget and Miss Grace are the best
Alyssa - Student (201
"I like to spend time with friend and
learn moves
"  Avery - Student (2018)
"BDS is very impressive in
professionalism, instructors, and
exceptional with the care of the
children.  I highly recommend this
"  Georgie - Mom (2018)