Studio Info
200 N. St. Clair St. Bay #3
Ligonier, PA  15658
724 -238 - 3400

Question:   How many students are in a class?

 Most classes are limited to no more than 10 students due to our
commitment to provide your children with the best performing arts education and
most nurturing class environment.  Waiting lists are available and classes will be
added as studio space permits.

Question:   In which dance classes should my child enroll?
  First, decide what area of dance most interests your child.  For the unsure
student, ballet is suggested as it is the basis of all types of dance.  We separate
students by age and ability.   Students must be at least 3 years old and potty trained
to be in our preschool classes.  Students in Kindergarten and up should follow the
1-4 level guidelines.  If you or your child thinks Progressive classes would be the
best level please contact the studio for more details. (724)238-3400.

Question:   How do I register?

Please call or come to the studio during office hours or during
designated registration times to confirm which classes are still open.  When
registering, please bring a completed registration form  and a non-refundable
$15.00 registration fee and your first month's tuition.  
Question:  How do I pay?

  You may pay with cash or by check.  Please make all checks payable to
Bridget Dawn's Studio.

Question:   What if my child changes their mind after already enrolling?

  We allow class transfers into other open classes.  Pre-paid tuition is then
credited to the new class.  Classes are not pro-rated or refunded.

Question:   Are class times flexible?

  Yes, if enough students are interested and studio time is available.  
Please let us know if there is a class your child is interested in taking at a different
time or day then indicated on the schedule.  We will place your child on our
interest list.  

Question:   What does my child need to wear?

  Bridget Dawn’s Studio of Performing Arts has a dress code that can be
found in the Parent/Student Handbook.  You will receive this handbook when you
register.  It is also available on line at

Question:   Is the recital mandatory?

  No, taking classes does not require you to participate in the annual dance
recital.  Please let the studio know, by November 1st, if you do not wish to
participate in the recital.

Question: What year trophy will my child receive at the recital?

They will receive a higher year trophy for each consecutive year that a
student participates in the recital with Bridget.  A student's previous dance
experience, unless in consecutive years with Bridget, does not count towards the
recital.  (i.e. If a student dances with Bridget for 3 years and skips a year, when they
return they will only receive a 1st year trophy.)

Question:   I have a lot more questions.

Our handbook will have the answers to most of your questions.  It
includes Philosophy, Mission Statements, Calendar, Dress Codes, Fund Raising
Opportunities,Recital Information, and much more.  Please inquire with the Studio
if the handbook does not answer your questions.
"Thank you for a wonderful 2010 - 2011 year!  The performances at the
recital far exceeded our expectations.  Your hard work and dedication is
very much appreciated.  Tyler is looking forward to the 2011- 2012
year!"  Neiderhisers (2011)
"Taking dance at Bridget Dawn's Studio has helped me in many ways.  
My flexibility has greatly improved and my legs are now very strong.  
Dancing at competition or recitals have improved my confidence too.  
Dancing at Bridgets has allowed me to truely express myself in a for that I
have an everlasting passion for."  McKenna (2011)
"Being apart of the competitive team has had such a positive influence
on Mckenna.  She set her goals and strives to achieve them.  Being on
the team has taught her how important it is to be a team player as well.  
"Faith is having fun being the big bad wolf and prop Daddy is looking
forward to hauling around Grandma's house in his new truck!"  
Bobbi (2011)
organized from the costumes to the rehearsal and to the performance.  
Bridget's team guides every step of the way.  Bailey has learned so much
and her self confidence on stage grows every year."  Jeena (2009)